DISH News: DISH With Donald is a hit on Rogers TV London

dish w donald logoDISH With Donald

Rogers TV London

We have taped 10 episodes of my talk show: 7 Guest Co-hosts and 17 Guests. Two more episodes will be taped at the end of November.

During that taping I’ll be announcing my choice for permanent guest co-host.

DISH With Donald airs Mondays at 9 p.m., Tuesdays 12 noon; Wednesdays 2:30 p.m., Thursdays 4 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.; Saturday 6:30 p.m.

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Winner of our So You Think You Can Dance/Beyond Therapy Contest:

The winner of our Beyond Therapy/So You Think You Can Dance Contest is Mel Stewart. Congrats – you win two tickets to the Budweiser Gardens concert!


We’ve had a fantastic response to our production of Beyond Therapy. Ticket info below….4 shows left!

And check out this review

Arts & Humanities Students’ Council

red-rectangle-vertical-hi reviews 2By Andy Nguyen

“Filled with crude humour juxtaposed with light-hearted silliness, Beyond Therapyis guaranteed to fill up a room with laughter….”

Full review link here:

Beyond Therapy

Elgin Theatre Guild

40 Princess Ave, St. Thomas

Our opening is sold out Friday, October 15 but come out for our preview Thursday. Our run is Oct 15 (16 sold out), 17, matinee on 18th at 2 p.m., and the following week Thurs.-Sund., Oct 22, 23, 24, 25 – 2 p.m. Matinee.

Tickets:  519.637 3306 or ttp:// 


Buy two tickets ($18 each or 10 tickets at $12 = 5 chances in the draw) to the Saturday, Oct 17 8 pm performance of the comedy Beyond Therapy at ETG’s Princess Avenue Theatre in St. Thomas and your name goes into a draw for 2 tickets to So You Think You Can DANCE coming to Budweiser Gardens January 21, 2017!

And speaking of

Double D Productions & Elgin Theatre Guild’s

Beyond Therapy

Our comedy Beyond Therapy runs Oct. 15-25

at 40 Princess Avenue, St. Thomas.



Dish With Donald

donald gord solo 2 smallFilmed my 8th episode and interviewed by 15th guest Monday!

Next Monday my 3rd episode debuts at 9 p.m.

Episodes debut every other Monday night on Rogers TV London at 9 p.m, repeats Tuesdays 12:00 noon; Wednesdays 2:30 p.m., Thursdays 4:00, Saturdays 9:30 p.m and the second Monday at 9 p.m. and so on.

Our next shoot is October 26, Monday 1 p.m. : 1 Guest host, 2 shows, 4 guests – at Covent Garden Market…see you there!


donald and ronda ctv commercial 1

My niece, Ronda Stewart and I were cast in a commercial which was taped Friday, Sept 4 at CTV studio in London, Ont.

ctv by dan ronda with twins smallGreat fun. Ronda and Dan’s twin daughters were able to explore the set.

Check out the latest edition of The London Yodeller which contains

Herman Goodden’s Q& A with yours truly …here’s the interview on line: 


Dishing With Donald

Joe Belanger interviewed me for the front page of the Entertainment Section in The London Free Press on Aug 20, 2015:


Talk Show Debut

on Rogers TV London

My talk show has been given a great time slot: 9 p.m. Mondays. Because of Labour Day falling on Monday, September 7, my talk show’s first airing is Tuesday, 12 noon.

Check back here for an interview with yours truly appearing in a magazine regarding the talk show.

Meanwhile, rehearsals begin for Beyond Therapy in St. Thomas at Elgin Theatre Guild. Dave Semple & I are happy to be co-producing the show with ETG. Beyond Therapy runs Oct 15-25 at the Princess Avenue Playhouse at 40 Princess Avenue in St. Thomas. Tickets are available at ttp://  or by calling 519.637 3306

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On June 29, Kerry Hishon interviewed me for her theatre website I appreciated Kerry’s questions and agreed to be interviewed if my answers would not be edited. Here’s my first unfiltered interview in 30 plus years. (I was first interviewed in 1981 by CBC Radio Canada and The London Free Press).

The short link is

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On Tuesday afternoon July 28, my guest co-host Matt Martin and I interviewed four guests for two tapings of my new Rogers TV London talks show at Covent Garden Market.

We had a blast! Only on Rogers TV London!


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My column When Cops Come out, is it up to them? Must ask! Must tell? published in The London Free Press Saturday.

Pride police vanYou can read it online here:

“Must ask! Must tell?

“After reading the July 15 online article London police force lacks gay male officers, I feel I should tiptoe into this conversation, especially after a friend said, “Maybe the recruitment and hiring practices of the past have filtered out gay police officers.” But when she added, “The force should reflect the community it serves,” I knew I should throw caution to the wind…..”

Newsflash regarding DISH with Donald & Guest Host Dave Lawrence

We taped the 3rd and 4th episodes of my Rogers London TV talk show with Guest Host Dave Lawrence on June 30 at the Covent Garden Market.

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We at Double D Productions (Dave Semple, moi, Charles Martin, Anne Mooney, Mark Mooney, Lisa Desgroseilliers) look forward to rehearsing the comedy Beyond Therapy, our second show .

Our cast includes Sam Shoebottom, Ronda Stewart, Marilyn Barons, Dave Semple and your’s truly.

Check out our teaser poster below.

Our show runs Oct 15-25 at the Princess Avenue Playhouse at 40 Princess Avenue in St. Thomas. Tickets are available at ttp://  or by calling 519.637 3306

donald ronda charlie Lisa 4 best dave & gang Beyond therapy 1 half surprise 1 A+


Last night amazing, formerly ginger Bette Midler blew her fans away & 2night the oh-so-ginger Ed Sheeran hosts Much Music Video Awards.

Ed Sheeran is the talented (beaver loving) Edward Christopher “Ed” Sheeran – an English singer-songwriter and musician. Born in ed-sheeran pussHebden Bridge, West Yorkshire and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk, he moved to the other London in 2008 to pursue a musical career.

ed sheeran with cockYour’s truly loves Ed as much for his talent as for his love for pussies. But I’m happy to see he is not adverse to an occasional cock (see pics). Tonight’s hosting proves to be VERY interesting.

The broadcast set will feature Carly Rae Jepsen, Nick Jonas, Jason Derulo and the Weeknd, who leads all nominees with six.



bette full stage small 1

Last night we were in Toronto for the Devine Miss M’s glorious concert at The Air Canada Centre.

bette as soph smallBette didn’t disappoint. We caught her Vegas act years ago but she’s got Caesars out of her system and is back to the Bette we love: raunchy, brutally honest, sharp as a whip and that voice: sublime, passionate, in the moment.

She puts lip syncers like Britney (& dare I say Cher) to shame.

bette's cell Ford smallHer show went to the vault but also covered current themes such as the over saturation of social media. The crowd particularly liked her sharing her i-phone history snaps. ie. in bed with Rob Ford. Her entire show was peppered with Torontoisms.

At sixty nine, the diva is back – better than ever!

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DISH with Donald and Lisa 

Volume 2: Ballsh#tgate

Donald:  The only thing worse than watching a football game – well, can’t think of anything. And no, a tight end is not enough reason although you’ve asked me to laugh at that one far too many times (#tiredjokesthatfallflat).
What I am interested in is the sportsmanship of any game. Unfortunately poster boy Tom Brady appears to handle press conferences as if he were coached by Tiger Woods. Sometimes less is more Tom (and I’m not talking about balls).
His choice of words during both press conferences reminded me of another man haunted by his balls. Former presidential candidate Gary gary-hart-and-donna-rice-500x300Hart. Stupidly he told the press, “Follow me around. I don’t care. I’m serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They’ll be very bored.” And the “tail” they found led to the extinction of this front runner’s campaign and four years of the first Bush!
Men and their balls!
That might explain why deflated balls are valued more than deflating humans. Deflategate cost Brady 4 games but Ray Rice received only 2 days suspension for almost flat-lining his fiancé with a sucker punch that had her grounded.
Interesting, eh? If the boy’s toy is a ball it’s taken very seriously. If the boy’s toy is one of his WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends) club only video footage obtained by TMZ and shown to the world at some later date might nab you a 2-day suspension.
Well, ballsh#tgate to that!
Lisa:  Isn’t it surprising that a scandal involving the NFL and the size of balls has nothing to do with steroids?
If the NFL truly believes that Tom Brady and the Patriots conspired to use under-inflated balls in a game that led them to the Superbowl, they should have those winning rings yanked off their hands.
We tell kids that sports stars are heroes and people to be admired. But when they, say, beat up their wives or cheat in the game, the league that governs them pays little mind to the example they’ve set.
The NFL is more worried about selling licensed merchandise than it is about doing the right thing.
Lance Armstrong was stripped of virtually everything when his use of performance-enhancing drugs
came out. What’s the difference? The American flag. It doesn’t fly as high around world cycling as it
does with the NFL. Apple pie, the right to bear arms, and football, not a bicycle.
deflatergate 2What Tom Brady will suffer from deflategate is a minor, brief embarrassment.
So I tell you what, little Jimmy. Before your next game, before you’ve strapped on the body armor and popped in your mouth guard, just take a pin and let a little air out of the football. It makes it easier to palm. Call it The Brady Factor. After all, if it’s good enough for a star quarterback, it’s good enough for you.

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DISH with Donald & Lisa with wordsSince my last post here my web site has received well over 100,000 new hits. Seems an awful waste. Why not post an occasional item?

I’m honoured to be a part of this: Rogers TV London will be debuting a new talk show this fall: DISH with Donald & Lisa.

Lisa Brandt is a co-host on Classic Rock Free 981, an author and blogger here in London, Ontario.

Lisa and I clicked from the word go. So much so that we thought we’d offer you a glimpse at our style of DISHing: a She said/He said on London’s very own Amit Chakma:

Founded in 1878, Western University in London, Ontario today ranks among Canada’s top-10 research universities and is recognized for delivering an academic experience second to none. Amit Chakma is its 10th President & Vice-Chancellor arriving at Western in July 2009.

Chakma has since kept under the radar for the most part. That is until the Sunshine list showed Chakma earned $924K last year as he chose to work through paid ‘administrative leave’, doubling his salary.

Lisa’s View:

When my newsroom colleague, tasked with poring over the 2014 Sunshine List, got to the name Amit Chakma, she had an audible, visceral reaction. Even on a list that shows hospital CEOs making more than half-a-million per year, $967,000 stands out.

I’m surprised and at the same time not surprised at all by the double-dip scandal that erupted after the revelation.

Surprised, because Chakma and those who approved his contract had to know the amount would be made public. It’s the law. If you knew something so unpalatable as a double-dip contract clause was going to come out, wouldn’t you prepare for that? They seemed to react like deer caught in headlights. Chakma went underground, like a mole. And that’s the last of my animal references. The outcry was predictable and the non-confidence vote that followed, although it ended in his favour, was also to be expected.

Did they really not see it all coming?

I’m simultaneously not surprised because university culture is a world unto itself. According to my PhD friends who have survived in universities for many years, the atmosphere among professors is highly competitive, like high school on steroids. There’s petty backstabbing and undermining that would make the cast of Mean Girls faint. And if you earn tenure, for some, it can mean a license for bad behavior. What are they going to do…fire me? The elites among the elites have a sense of entitlement that probably protects them from even considering the implications of putting two hands in the pockets of Joe Ordinary Taxpayer.

And it appears I’ve answered my own question. When you create elitist societies funded on the backs of working men and women, this kind of thing is bound to happen. If we can’t prevent it, we can at least stop it from repeating.

Donald’s View:

Whereas many question the $967,000 in salary and benefits Western President Amit Chakma was paid twice in 2014, once for his job, a second time for forgoing a year-long administrative leave, I have more of a problem with his behaviour and choices since The London Free Press reported on that jackpot deal.

For instance, take the morning of April 10 when The Free Press reported Chakma’s plea, “Please help me.” Redundantly, he added, “This is a cry out for help.” Albeit, after rebukes from faculty and a student leader in front of nearly 400 faculty, staff and students.

Later that day, driving on my way to work, I stopped at the Wellington and Commissioners cross section. I noticed a homeless person holding up a sign that read “Please help me”.

Busy day. Easily hundreds drove by each hour but for me, the irony of the moment overwhelmed me.

No wonder.

I took evening classes at Western in the 90s. I remember meeting with a counselor who was very helpful in advising me on what kind of class schedule I could handle working full time. When I discussed costs, how I would pay for everything, I not only felt as if I was being listened to (I was paying out of ongoing pocket – no loans or bursaries) but that I also had the understanding that this was a bold move to explore potentially, then, a brave new world. Truthfully it was probably a Tuesday like any other for this counselor but she made this potential student feel special.

That’s a gift. Priceless.

But what did Chakma allegedly tell PhD students who couldn’t afford tuition? “That was their own problem.” (Mar. 30 LFP)

When I told that story to a client, he told me he had attended a speech by Chakma prior to the payday bombshell. “Amit had this ability to make you feel like he was the only person in the room,” he recalled. “It was all about ‘me’!”

I responded, “You’ve had a lot of success as the head of companies. Can you imagine telling your team: ‘Please help me. This is a cry out for help.’?”


“I know and they call ME a drama queen.”

More posts to come. Meanwhile, follow Lisa Brandt on twitter @lisabrandt1001 and Donald D’Haene @



Beyond Therapy Cast Announcement:

Double D Productions &

Elgin Theatre Guild’s

Beyond Therapy

Princess Avenue Playhouse

40 Princess Avenue, St. Thomas

October 15-18, 23-25

Double D Productions would like to thank all the came out to audition. It was great fun playing with you all! And now congrats to the cast of our second production:

In order of appearance:

Bruce: Sam Shoebottom

Prudence: Ronda Stewart

Stewart: Dave Semple

Charlotte: Marilyn Baron

Bob: Donald D’Haene

Andrew: Andrew Groenendyk
For Ticket information contact:

Phone: 519.637 3306